25 Things About Me!

1) I am a sophomore and I am a double major: Elementary Education & Geography!

2) I am from Easthampton Ma, which is in the western part of the state. It takes me about 2.5 hours to get to SSU WITHOUT traffic!

3) I am an only child

4) I am a part of the Alpha Lambda Delta Society

5) I did gymnastics from the age 3-17 and I was competitive for many of those years. Gymnastics was my life for so long!


6) I was born in China, specifically the Hunan Province.

7) At home I work as a gymnastics coach at the place that I used to train- Roots Gymnastics Center.

8) I am an Aries.

9) I have 2 dogs: Dusty & Beamer and 2 cats Hunter & Isabelle. (Unfortunately, I don’t have any clear pictures of my Black cat Isabelle)







10) Being a first year mentor has helped me to connect better to the community here at Salem State.

11) I love working with kids and helping others; hence why I want to become an elementary school teacher once I finish at Salem State.

12) I did diving my senior year of high school and I never went into the water head first because it scared me. I always landed feet first in the water!

13) My favorite colors are Purple and Teal.

14) I drink hot coffee or tea every morning before class.

15) I am a resident student: I live in Marsh Hall

16) My favorite TV shows are: One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy. I binge watched both of these shows on Netflix.

17) I am currently obsessed with the TV show House!

18) I have been out of the country three times: I went to Spain for 2 weeks and I’ve been to China and also Morocco!10151368_638775282858835_7077879467148681911_n(Toledo, Spain)


( I rode a Camel with my friend while in Morocco)

19) When I was in Chendu, China I held a Panda!

20) My favorite book is The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I think that it is the best book that he has written.

21) The summer before my freshman year of high school, I was at a gymnastics practice and I sprained both of my ankles simultaneously…I then was in a wheelchair for about 3 weeks. I severely sprained my left ankle and I had a chip of the bone in my right ankle. Ever since then I am prone to sprain my ankles. I have really bad ankles now!

22) I love traveling! I want to go to Italy, Ireland and Chile or Argentina in the future.

23) I’ve been to many states in the U.S- Florida, Virginia, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Connecticut, Washington and Rhode Island. During Spring Break, I am going to Santa Monica California and I cannot be more excited!

24) I love home cooked meals.

25) Every day I wear earrings, my watch and my rings. I feel incomplete when I have any of those pieces of jewelry missing.


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