25 Facts About FYM Stella


  1. I’m a sophomore here at Salem State University!
  2. I am from a small town on the South Shore called Hull! It’s a small beach town with lots of history!
  3. I’m an only child… It’s a blessing and a curse!
  4. I have a dog named Bear. She is a half Newfoundland, half German Shepard!IMG_2528
  5. I really love talking about Social Justice issues! Don’t start a conversation with me about feminism or LGBTQ+ rights, unless you have at least an hour to chat!
  6. I don’t really watch much TV, but my guilty pleasures that I could binge watch are Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries.  
  7. Elephants are my favorite animals, and I collect anything with them on it!
  8. I’m very involved on campus! I am the Vice President of the Alliance, involved with the Community Service Group, and obviously work in the FYE office!
  9. Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they’re so big and bright.
  10. I own A LOT of tie-dye.
  11. Howling Wolf is my favorite restaurant. The employees may or may not know my name and order right when I walk in the door… FullSizeRender
  12. I am obsessed with the song “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. I can listen to it on repeat for hours, and I actually have some of the lyrics as a tattoo.
  13. I like my coffee with Almond Milk only, no sugar.
  14. I love exploring new places outdoors! My girlfriend recently took me to Halibut Point in Rockport, and it was absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to go back in the Spring. IMG_3329
  15. My favorite scents are peppermint, a campfire, and the smell after it rains on hot pavement.
  16. It may sound weird, but I can only sleep if there is a soft blanket crumpled up underneath my face.
  17. I use to have a bad obsession with Twilight.
  18. I am a very organized person. Everything in my life is planned out, sorted into categories, and documented.
  19. I own over 30 different body sprays/perfumes. I really like to smell good!!
  20. In the Summer, you’re lucky if you can get out of the water! Whether it’s the ocean or a pool, I could stay in for hours.
  21. I am a Taurus, and my horoscope is always shockingly accurate.
  22. I am allergic to bananas, but I really wish I wasn’t because they are so yummy!
  23. My aunt Gale and my mom are my rocks. As much as we fight, they are two of the greatest women in my life. 11114144_824997410922057_3215033974803257091_n
  24. My birthday is on April 24th!
  25. I like to think that I can dance, but I’m actually pretty terrible!

Hope you enjoyed reading my 25 fun facts! Feel free to stop by the FYE office in Meier Hall, room 100A to learn more!


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