Alpha Lambda Delta


Have you ever thought about joining an academic honors society? Taking an opportunity to join an academic society is more than just another award recognition or something else to put on your resume. Alpha Lambda Delta offers so many other opportunities for you here at Salem State.

Being a part of the Alpha Lambda Delta society has opened many doors for me. Being a member of the society has allowed me to be a part of a community of students who have worked hard and been inducted into a great honors society. I have been able to connect with students who are as passionate about education as I am and it’s a great feeling. Not only have I met great people in this society but there are also scholarship opportunities available to students. These scholarships are accessible through the Alpha Lambda Delta website but also Jingwen, the coordinator of Alpha Lambda Delta here at Salem State, has sent out emails about these scholarships that members of the society are eligible for. We also have such a great adviser that looks over the entire honors society- Jingwen. She is very on top of everything and super organized and we owe it to her for making this honors society possible!

Not only does this honors society work with academics but we also give back to the community. Events that have happened this year included bracelet making for the Make a Wish foundation and decorating of pumpkins to get in the spirit for Halloween. Not only do we do events to give back to the community but the honors society has also set up a few study sessions that members can go to if they need a quiet place to focus on their academics. We also even give refreshments to keep the energy in the brain flowing while students are working hard with their course workload.

I want to congratulate all the first year students that have applied and will be attending the induction ceremony on Friday February 26th! I look forward to meeting you all and I hope that Alpha Lambda Delta opens doors for you just like it did for me!


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