So Much to Study, So Little Time: Hacking Your Study Sessions

Hey First-Year Students!

So, we all know that sometimes studying can become overwhelming (especially if you have more than one subject to study for or are reviewing difficult material!) With that in mind, here are some useful “hacks” for improving your retaining of information and studying better:

  1. Chew a Piece of Gum- Chewing a piece of gum while studying and then again as you’re taking the test. The scent will help to jog your memory!
  2. Leave a Trail of Snacks- Placing small pieces of food like gummy bears, Skittles, mini chocolates etc. throughout the section you have to read in your textbook will help to motivate you to get your reading done. gummy-bear studying
  3. Use An Index Card- Write down all the information you can think of on an index card before taking a test. It’s another writing technique that will help you retain what the key points you need to know.
  4. Block Distracting Websites!- There are some great computer programs that will prevent you from going on distracting websites while studying (for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) For PC: Cold Turkey For Mac: Self-Control
  5. Find Practice Tests- Google “site:edu[subject] exam. This will help you find exams with practice problems related to whatever you’re studying.
  6. Use Colored Pens- Taking notes using colored pens will help activate your visual memory (plus your notes will look pretty!) colored pens

That’s all for now but if you need any other assistance with how to improve your studying habits, stop by the First-Year Experience office located in Meier Hall, Room 100A and either a grad student or mentor will be happy to help you!



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