Library ? What’s that?

It may be the second half of the semester, but it’s never too late to learn more about our campus.  Our library is complete with beautiful architecture, great Wi-Fi, plentiful resources, a mini Outtakes and hidden comfy spots. My first year at SSU, I barely used the library. As a sophomore, however, I practically live in it.  There are so many benefits the library has to offer, if you aren’t already, try to take advantage of them! Though it might feel like a trek to walk to the library, you’ll thank yourself on your walk or drive home.  Pro tip: find a study buddy who’ll go to the library with you. That way if you don’t feel like going, you’ll have someone there to motivate you.

Firstly, our recently built library provides various studying nooks and noise levels to accommodate different types of students—study carrels, booths, study rooms, tables, and lounge seating can all be found! Each floor becomes quieter with a strict quiet zone on the third floor.  At the library you can print in color, black & white, make copies, and even scan documents. While printing is 10 cents (Black & white) or 20 cents (color) per page, you can scan documents onto a flash drive for free!

When you step into the library you have 600,000+ books, periodicals, eBooks, journals, and media at your fingertips. Have of these resources can be found through the Library databases on and off campus. Databases are a useful tool to keep in mind during research papers or to enforce any of your school work.  You can access the databases by going through the library website which sorts databases according to subject area.  If you need to access the databases from off campus, you must enter your Student ID and password to “log in”.

If you feel like a #tbt or have a child or young relative, you can visit or check out books from the children’s section on the second floor. It’s complete with all different kinds of picture books including a recently added international section (labeled with hot pink stickers). This section neighbors the Young Adult section which might be fun to visit if you want to have a change in pace from the reading material you’re used to as a college student. Next to the Young Adult section are K-12 teaching resources which includes teaching kits and books on how to succeed in your MTELs.

The library also houses the Center of Academic Excellence which offers support through advising, tutoring, mentoring, and maintain many other programs. Next to the CAE on the first floor is the writing center which is a free service implemented to improve a student’s writing. Make an appointment today! Call 978.542.6491 or stop by to schedule a tutoring session. Another department the library houses is Disability services in the basement which is “committed to providing appropriate services and accommodations that allow self-identified students with disabilities to access all resources, programs and activities at the university”.

You can visit the library anytime during the following hours or 24/7 during finals week!

Sunday, 12 pm-2 am
Monday–Thursday 7:45 am–2 am
Friday 7:45 am-7 pm
Saturday 11 am-7 pm





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