Have you ever thought about working in FYE?

Are you an upperclassmen that enjoys working with people? Have you ever considered working with First Year students? You should consider joining the First Year Mentor team at the First Year Experience office! As a mentor, you will share knowledge about campus resources, your experiences at the university and give guidance to first year students as they transition into the college life.

I am a first year mentor and this is my first year working in the office. I love working here! The connections that I have made with the student staff, the graduate students (student success coaches) and the first year students are truly incredible. Working at first year has helped learn more about Salem State that I never knew before. Being a mentor has helped me become more comfortable speaking in front of people, tabling items/advertising what we have to offer and my communication skills. First Year Experience has opened many doors for me and I bet that it can do the same for you!

We are continually expanding the responsibilities and allowing you the student to show your strengths and where you flourish. Don’t worry though, if you feel that something is not your strong suit there are grad students in the office, other mentors, office assistants and Matthew who can help you to complete the task to the best of your abilities. We will help you to shine!


If you feel that you are a strong applicant then you should consider applying for the job. We have such a great environment that we work in and we would love to have new people joining the office. Applications are available at this link http://www.salemstate.edu/26182.php. There is also a more detailed description of what the mentors do for First Year Experience. Applications are available on the website until March 24th! You will receive an email with position if hired! After you have heard about your position, interviews will be conducted in the office. The interviews will begin March 28th and run until April 11th! I hope that First Year has been a helpful resource for you, and not it can be your turn to help the incoming first year students!


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