Final Stretch Checklist

With the warm weather approaching it is becoming more and more apparent that it is the final stretch of the semester! There is a little over a month left before the end of this semester and there is a lot going on, so understandingly you may be stressed! There’s registration for classes coming up, housing agreements, finals, Spring events, summer employment, and much more. Just know that you are not alone, we are also feeling stressed over at FYE, but we’ve got your back! Here’s a final stretch checklist for you to follow during your last month or so of Spring semester.


  1. Registration for Fall 2016
    1. Registration for students begins at 7 am (Seniors- March 29th, Juniors- March 30th, Sophomore- March 31st, Freshman- April 1st) If you are a Freshman now, and will be sophomore next fall, you register on March 31st
  1. Housing Selection for Fall 2016
    1. Lottery numbers for room selection will be sent out on March 28th via your Salem State email to students who have paid their housing deposit
    2. Room selection will be on April 5th and 6th- but your specific date will be sent to you
  1. Classes end May 4th, so make sure to get all your final assignments in!
  2. Be aware of when your finals are
    1. Finals week begins May 6th, and will go until May 13th
    2. Finals are not the same time as your classes usually are; consult the schedule below to see when your class final is, or check your syllabus! 

Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule

5. Clean your room up!- There’s nothing that your Res Life will appreciate more than a clean room!

6.Get an idea of what you want to do this Summer

  1. Plan a trip
  2. Get a Job
  3. Relax!
  4. Get ready for your next semester at Salem State!!


We are always here for any needs you may have during the final stretch of your Spring Semester in the FYE office! Feel free to stop by Monday-Friday, 9-5pm to chat with any of our student staff!


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