Seeing the Beauty of Transformation

The Winfisky Gallery here at Salem State University is an art gallery that many students don’t know about. Located right in the lobby of Ellison Campus Center on North Campus, this gallery features works from professional and student artists alike.

Sponsored by the Center for Creative and Performing Arts, the newest exhibition are a series of paintings by Leah Piepgras. Kalpa, which in Sanskrit means “timeless”or “forever”, portrays the meaning of eternity and transformation: something many people have an “intangible understanding” of.

Leah Piepgras, who currently works in Swampscott, MA, explains the exhibition in a tremendous way. “I think of the body similarly, in a constant state of becoming, with shifts so subtle that you might always feel the same, but only looking back, do you see the transformation…” I see this through her beautiful paintings, which all are acrylic on panel. Below are two of the thirteen paintings: a sneak peek into the amazing artwork!

Memory, 16 x 12″, acrylic on panel, 2016
Sleep, 12 x 18″, acrylic on panel, 2016

Interpretations for an artist’s work can vary, but mine is one that is very similar to the Piepgras’s intent. This series, if seen in the order presented, represents the cycle of life. I see it as that we come from nature, we live in nature, and in the end we become a part of nature. As the artist says “Through the action of looking, I think we are really searching for phenomena…the chance to see something beautiful.” Leah Piepgras portrays the natural beauty of the world while also showing the “endless cycle of the ages”.

To get your own interpretation and to see all thirteen paintings in person, visit the Winfisky Gallery! The exhibition is open until April 6, 2016–get the chance to see the “visual magic” of this series!


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