Managing your Clippercard Account

The semester is winding down and quickly coming to the end. Papers, projects, presentations and exams are coming up in the final four weeks of the Spring semester. With that said do you know how many dining dollars you have left? Or how much clippercash is still left on your clippercard- from doing laundry, buying snacks in the vending machine or getting items at the bookstore? There are many ways to check your account. You can go onto the SSU website and on the pull down menu click clippercard, which will bring you to a login page and you can view your account activity from there. It will be a breakdown of the amount of printing points you have left, the clippercash, the dining dollars and “board” which means the amount of meal swipes that you have left for the week if you have a meal plan. You can also see the breakdown of where you have spent your money, the date and when you made that particular purchase.  You can also access your clippercard account from Navigator, the option is available on the left hand menu of links.  There is also a 3rd option for checking your clippercard account. If you have a smartphone you can download the Get Mobile App.

With this app you can check your account activity just like with the other two options. If you see that you are running low on Clippercash you can also add money to your account from any of the three options that I have listed above.

I also want to remind you that some of the money rolls over into the next semester while others do not. So clippercash is the money that will go right into the following semester. The dining dollars and printing points DO NOT roll over into the next semester from Spring to Fall. Those two types of payments only roll over from Fall to Spring semesters. So if you have a lot of dining dollars you can head over to Upper north or outtakes and make some purchases so that the dining dollars don’t just disappear on you!

The dining halls and Outtakes will be closing on May 13th so bulk orders (to order cases of things) can be done until a week before that.

I hope that this helps in managing your student account and that the rest of the semester goes well! I know that you all can do it and keep pushing through!


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