Last Month Motivation

Hey First Years! 

Can you believe that we only have about 4 weeks left of the spring semester?! You are one month away from finishing your first year of college – you should be really proud of all the hard work you did this year! 

Right about now is when it gets the toughest to motivate yourself and push through until the end of the semester. I’ve even caught myself in some sticky situations, starting and finishing projects the day before they are due. This is a reminder that you are stronger than you realize, and your assignments and classes cannot and will not defeat you – you have kicked butt these last 12 weeks, so the next 4 will be a piece of cake! Here are some tips to help keep you grounded from now until you finish your finals: 

Make To-Do Lists -> I do this for the last 2-4 weeks of each semester so I don’t get lost in the work I have due and so my work doesn’t pile up. I print or draw a calendar and fill it in with due dates for assignments – this includes essays, projects, presentations and exams! After I fill in a calendar with due dates I split the work for each assignment up in the days before its due. This way I’m not doing the whole project at once the night before it’s due. Mine look kind of like this: Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.25.54 PM.png
I am a visual learner which I why I like to make a table and even color code (Red is what is due and Blue is what I should be working on), but a simple list works just as well!

Reward Yourself -> You work hard and you deserve a reward when you accomplish your goals. I reward myself with Netflix, reading for fun, candy and other little things for short term goals. For long term goals, I reward myself with things like taking a whole day off from school related business, going out to the movies, maybe a manicure or a day trip into Boston. You have to be strong for this one; rewarding yourself before you finish your work, or pre-wards as I like to call them, are definitely ineffective and only contribute to the monster that is procrastination.

Sleep -> We say this all the time, but please do not sacrifice sleep for your assignments. Don’t push off sleeping until the summer. Being exhausted is no way to spend the last month of your semester. A lack of sleep will negatively affect your mood and temper, making you angry or sad, as well as on edge or drowsy, which can be dangerous in some situations. Not sleeping and pulling all-nighters will also negatively affect your ability to learn and focus, and eventually your grades will start to slip. It’s very important to rest.

Hope you have an awesome LAST MONTH of your Freshman Year!
I can’t believe I am almost done with my Junior Year – the time seriously flies by,
FYM Kelly 



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