Self-Care = Success

With the month of April in full swing, many students would consider this to be the toughest month as a college student. Finals, projects, and essays are the most common words you’ll hear. Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high and it makes taking time for yourself really difficult.

Self-care is a common word that many are hearing today. Emotional self-care is as important as physical, but many college students tend to abandon this aspect of their lives. When you feel as if everything is overwhelming and stress is taking over, you can utilize these self-care methods to keep your mental health in check!

Create a Compliments Folder! This can sound like a selfish thing to do, but sometimes if a bad grade or comment gets you down, it can effect your academics. Create a folder on your computer or your phone of great things people have said to you and about you! That way you can always look back at them and feel the love that you have around you!


Have a self-date! With so much time spent with people and your friends, it’s hard to find time for yourself! Treat yourself for an hour and go downtown, see the water, or just read for fun in the library! Having time to yourself for even a little bit can help clear your mind!

treat yo self

Remember to breathe! We obviously breathe without thinking about it, but it’s been proven that doing daily breathing exercises can loosen your muscles, clear your head, and calm you down. Work on closing your eyes, then breathing in and out three times. You’ll feel a weight being lifted! If you need help, use this gif as a guide to help you!


Write down your feelings! Sometimes we have a lot going on at the end of a semester. Relationships are tense, grades may not be up to your expectations, and talking to someone can be difficult. Write down your feelings in a journal! You get to see all your feelings in front of you and in doing so create a plan on how to deal with them.


Do something creative! I know for myself and many others, doing a small creative project can help ease your mind. Whether it’s playing with Play-Doh, coloring a mandala, or painting on a canvas, art is a great way to express yourself!


Everyone can find own their way of taking care of themselves in a healthy and positive way, but it is important to know that you are not alone! April is a stressful month and it is critical to take care of yourself. If you need someone to talk to, Counseling and Health Services and Reverend Laura Biddle, from Spiritual Life, in Ellison Campus Center are there to help.

Good luck with the rest of the semester–and don’t forget to breathe!


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