Final Stretch of the Semester

Hi there First Years! I hope that all is well, but I know that April can be a crazy month for a college student-with final exams quickly approaching, projects, papers, and presentations. I just wanted inform you about some events that are going on that you could attend to get away from your studies for a little break when necessary.

On Monday April 18th there is a talent show in Viking Café Starbucks at 7pm. You can stop by Starbucks to see your friends/peers perform and also win prizes. In order to gain entrance into the performance you need to donate a canned food item or gently worn clothing. All the items that are collected will be given to the North Shore Rape Crisis Center to help the survivors that are in our local community. ALSO remember that there are no classes this day because the university is observing Patriot’s Day.


Another event occurring next week on Tuesday April 19th is The Campus Moviefest Collection. It will be in Ellison Campus Center in the Metro Room from 2-6pm. This is where you will have the chance to watch student produced short films of all various genres. Also there are awards given to the short films that the audience votes on! Go out and support your peers and go to the Moviefest Collection.


A third event that is happening on Friday April 22nd is Dark Black Light Volleyball. This is happening in the Gassett Rec Courts at the O’Keefe Complex at 8pm. It is teams of 6 that pre-register and play volleyball games in the dark and have glow in the dark paint on them. It will be a new experience of volleyball and you will never think of the game the same way again.


These are just a few interesting events that are happening next week! But if you want to find out more keep an eye out on your SSU email with the subject: “What’s New and What to do @ SSU”.  Make sure to take time to yourself in between studying and preparing for the final stretch of the semester!

Hope all is goes smoothly!

FYM Mikaela


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