5 Tips For A Successful Summer

As the end of the year approaches many of us are thinking about what to do during the Summer. Well, here at FYE we have some guidelines for our perfect Summer! Here are five tips on how to make your Summer successful!!

  1. Look for a job that will embrace your skills- Whether it be furthering your math skills as a waitress, working on your communication skills in a retail job, or even working as a coffee barista to practice attention to detail, having a job over the Summer will encourage you to stay involved and keep your brain active!cofeee-animated-gif-1
  2. Finding an internship that pertains to your field of study- It’s never too early to start looking at possible career options after college! Some great resources to look at are :
    1. Career Service at Salem State- Either visiting their office in the Ellison Campus Center, or at their website will really help with finding opportunities
    2. Making a LinkedIn account- this will help you create connections and find listings
    3. Looking at companies that you’re interested in! If you’re a shoe fanatic and see that Nike is opening an office in Boston and needs interns, apply!career services
  3. Get a jump start on Fall 2016- There’s nothing better than starting your semester well prepared! Start looking over the required reading list, get organized, and make sure you know where all your classes are! This will cause you much less stress during the first few weeks of classesgiphy
  4. See if there’s any local volunteer opportunities- Volunteering is a great resume booster and will allow you to connect with those around you through service learning. Check out your local food pantry, Boys and Girls club, or Parks and Rec Department for these opportunities.1395694411620-Hunger3
  5. Rejuvenate!!- If you’ve had a year anything similar to mine, then you need to treat yo’ self! Spend a few days this Summer focusing on nothing but yourself! Go for a walk outside, buy yourself the new pair of sunglasses you’ve wanted, or even just spend an entire day in bed binge watching Netflix! You’ll thank yourself later!treat yo self

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