Join our O-utstanding O-Team!

Hey SSU First Years! Congrats on almost finishing out your First Year at SSU!

Here’s your chance to volunteer and help make the first week for our incoming First Year students the best week possible! 

O-Team 2015! 

What is the O-Team?
The O-Team is a group of upper-class students who volunteer to help welcome the incoming class of first year students each year in August/September. You can be a member of the O-Team as long as you bring a high level of enthusiasm and dedication to welcoming students to the university!

What do we do? 
The O-Team assists in running programs such as The First Year Day of Service, Opening Day events including Convocation and FYRE Discussion groups as well as other events!

What are the perks? Why should you join the O-Team?
You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping others feel good and welcome, just like you did when you started your First Year!
PLUS, you get a FREE O-Team t-shirt! Who doesn’t love free stuff?
You get to MOVE IN EARLY – avoid those lines for the elevators in the Residence Halls!
Volunteer experience looks great on your RESUME!

To find out more information or to APPLY to be a member of the O-Team, click here!
Applications are due by Monday, May 2!

Good luck with finals,
FYM Kelly


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