16 Facts About Mentor Hannah

Hello everyone, my name is Hannah and this is my first year working in the FYE office as a mentor. I am currently a sophomore here at Salem State and would like to share 16 facts about me with you!


That’s me holding some bamboo 😉

  1. I am currently a part of the Geology Major at SSU and have a really big passion for rocks.
  2. When I was in 6th grade I decided that Salem State would be the university I wanted to attend after high school.
  3. I have been studying French for 7 years and plan to minor in it.
  4. Every Fridays from 4-6 pm I host a radio show here at Salem State called Funky Fridays. It is a blend of alternative, funk, rock and pop music. The station is called WMWM Salem and it airs on 91.7 FM. I am also the treasurer for the club so feel free to ask me any questions about the station!
  5. I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do which is a defensive form of martial arts.
  6. My high school took part in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which means that my education is equivalent to other participating countries such as France and Spain and even Zimbabwe. This also allows me to hold 2 degrees: a high school degree and an IB degree. (IB classes are sort of equivalent to AP)
  7. I have a pet fish named Wumbo.
  8. I am fond of any and all Sponge Bob references and in addition to Sponge Bob I have two other ‘S’ titled obsessions: Shrek and Shia LaBeouf. (If you don’t believe me visit my dorm– I have posters and even a pillow case with LaBeouf’s face)
  9. I have a blog called “Not Yo Mama’s Chili” where I basically review any and all chili I have ever consumed… I just really like chili.
  10. After college I really hope to work for the Nation Parks Service and perhaps be a travelling geologist.
  11. Another club I am involved in is Honors Program Advisory Council (HPAC for short).
  12. I believe in Random Acts of Kindness and I will often complete random acts here at school so be on the look out because I might give you a lollipop or nice note 🙂
  13. When I was younger I used to hate the color green. In fact the sight of it would make me very angry. Now that I am older I like it a lot more and consider it my favorite color. (In addition to purple)
  14. Crocs are undeniably the coolest shoes you can own and I personally own 2 pairs.
  15. My best friend, Maura, plays the bag pipes. I feel like that is a super cool talent and I wish I could say the same thing about myself.
  16. My brother, Matthew, is 16 years old and he means the world to me. We have so many inside jokes and share the same humor. I miss him a lot while I am at college!

Those are some facts about me but if you ever have any questions or want to talk feel free to ask!



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