16 Things about FYM Angelina

I’m Angelina, a mentor in the First Year Experience office at SSU. Here’s some fun facts for you to get to know me a little:

  1. I went to Colombia with a friend during the last week of summer.
  2. It’s my second year as the Secretaty of Repertory Dance Theatre, a dance club at SSU.

    Base – cardboard. Butterflies – plastic water  bottles. Flower – aluminum cans.
  3. I made a hat with fabric, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paint, and lots of sharpies for a DIY hat contest. (I did not win because others bribed the kids with candy, but I’m not bitter)
  4. I’ve eaten crickets, ant eggs, and cactus before.
  5. I helped my sister design her wedding cake.
  6. Last semester I took 8 classes (21 credits) and survived…barely.
  7. I’ve bathed in a volcanic crater of mud, and it got rid of my eczema for the time being!
  8. I have 3 on-campus jobs. I’m also a Dance Program Associate for the Dance department and a Spanish Tutor.
  9.  My favorite color is purple.
  10. Whenever I have sore or injured muscles, I use tiger balm. It is the cure to almost all of my problems. And it smells so  good.
  11. My brother and I have a goal to memorize the entirety of Spongebob Squarepants, the movie.
  12. I am majoring in Spanish with a concentration in Secondary Education as well as in Dance.
  13. This year I’m on the prowl as “the flicker” (tricking my friends into looking down at my finger and then flicking their nose).
  14. In order to survive, I need food, water, and puns.
  15. One Friday night I took a free online tea course for hours because that is my idea of fun. That being said, I am obsessed with tea and tisane.
  16. I have the Galaxy Note7, this is the phone that is prone to explode. . .


Thanks for taking the time to read, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, the First Year Mentors are here to help!






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