16 Facts About FYM Stella

Hi! My name is Stella and I am mentor in the First Year Experience office! Here are some fun facts so you can get to know me better!


  1. I have worked in the First Year Experience office for 3 years! (WOW… Time flies!!)
  2. I am from a small beach town on the South Shore called Hull!
  3. Elephants are my favorite animal and almost everything I own has an elephant on it!
  4. I’m an only child… It’s a blessing and a curse!
  5. I’m really involved on campus! I’m the President of the Alliance, volunteer with the Community Service Initiative, serve as a member of the LGBTQ Task Force, work for the FYE office, and this past Summer I was an Orientation Leader!img_6117
  6. My favorite scents are peppermint, a campfire, and the smell after it rains on hot pavement.
  7. I really love talking about Social Justice issues! Don’t start a conversation with me about feminism, Queer rights, or inequality unless you have at least an hour to chat!
  8. My absolute favorite restaurant is Howling Wolf! My girlfriend and I go there so often that the staff know our order right when we walk in! IMG_6187.JPG
  9. To me, the best stress reliever is to take a walk or a hike in nature! Recently I visited Breakheart Reservation in Saugus!
  10. I use to have a bad obsession with Twilight.
  11. I’m more attached to my phone then I want to be. I think I would go into shock if I couldn’t check my email every hour!
  12. My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and I recently went to Colby Farm, where there is a field of sunflowers… I was way too excited! 14264905_10207111682975270_7850798335107431269_n
  13. I am *kind of* a Social Work major (long story) and I have a minor in Political Science.
  14. Need help with organization or time management? I’m your gal!! I am a very organized person. I had my entire semester mapped out and booked before it even started!
  15. I love to cook! There’s nothing I love more than a good marinated chicken!
  16. I am honored to be one of the 2016 Outstanding First Year Advocate Award recipients!


If you want to know more about me, feel free to stop by the office in Meier Hall 100A! I’m here every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!


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