16 Facts About FYM Hunter


  1. I’m a Junior here at Salem State, and this is my first year as an FYE mentor (so first year students aren’t the only ones with a new experience)
  2. I’m majoring in biology with a biomed concentration
  3. I grew up in Haverhill but I have lived in Amesbury since the summer before I started here at SSU
  4. I graduated from Essex Aggie (now Essex Tech) in 2014
  5. I have commuted to Salem since my Freshman year (and in case you were wondering, the traffic is always awful and the road work never ends)
  6. I have a deep obsession with the Patriots and football in general, to the point where about half of the things I own have a patriots logo on thempatriots
  7. TV is my other (slightly more embarrassing) obsession
  8. I find it completely unbelievable when someone doesn’t like Game of Thronesgame_of_thrones_title_card
  9. I have two older sisters, one niece, and 2 (soon to be 3) nephews
  10. I’m a member of the honors program here at Salem State
  11. I have a strong, illogical hatred of sunflowers
  12. When I was a kid, I was sure that I wanted to become a Veterinarian, but I changed my mind when I was in high school
  13. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate from SSU and the thought of taking the MCATs terrifies me!
  14. I’m hoping to one day become a pediatric oncologist
  15. Step Brothers is my favorite movie of all time
  16. Probably most surprising of all, I have never seen Star Wars

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