16 Facts About FYM Ashley


Get to know me!

  1. Hello everyone! I am First Year Mentor Ashley and I am a sophomore here at Salem State!
  2. My majors are Elementary Education and American Studies. I absolutely love the programs I am in and hope to become a first grade teacher in my future!
  3. I love being a busy-body! Not only am I a full-time resident student and a first year mentor, I am also a receptionist at Woburn Toyota. I really enjoy working and keeping busy.
  4. I am from Billerica, MA but currently live in Woburn with my bestfriends, my mom and my grandmother, “Nonnie”. This summer she just turned 80 and she’s still kicking it!14171862_1431060083576690_321674220_n (1).jpg
  5. I love art! I have a passion for painting and doing crafts. I never knew that I loved to paint until I got into high school and took art classes with amazing teachers. I thought for a long time about majoring in art here at Salem State but I really want to keep my talent as a passion and hobby. (The picture is a self portrait if you can’t already tell.)
  6. I am in-love with doing makeup! I am the queen of make-up “dupes”. Everything I own and use is from the drug store and I can talk to you about it for hours! If you ever have a special occasion that you want your makeup done for let me know!!
  7. My favorite show is The Office. I am addicted to watching it over and over again. I really cannot tell you how many times I have watched it all the way through because I lost count a while ago.Image result for michael scott
  8. I have two tattoos! I am a huge fan of tattoos especially since I am an art geek. My first tattoo is on my back. It is a tribute piece for my father who passed away three years ago. His favorite flowers were blue hydrangeas so it is supposed to resemble him giving them to me. My second tattoo is on my shoulder area and it says, “I will never falter” to remind myself daily to never lose my strength.
  9. As I just stated, I lost my father about three years ago and it was the hardest time of my life. This tragedy has made me the woman I am today and definitely made me stronger. If anyone ever needs someone to empathize with them please contact me, I’d love to help and support you.
  10. I LOVE the beach! I try to go to the beach as often as possible, not only in the summer time. There is just something about the sand and the ocean that makes me feel so great. Especially when I get to enjoy it with my best friends!
  11. I have an older brother named DJ! We are between seven and eight years apart in age but we get along so well! He’s always been such a big role model of mine and I love hanging out with him. (People say we look alike but of course we don’t see it at all).
  12. At home, I have a dog named Bruno. He is a basset hound and he is super sassy. This summer he just turned 8 so he is turning into an old man! (Very photogenic I know).
  13. My favorite classes that I have taken so far at Salem State was my first year seminar, “Be your Own Hero” and my Exploring Education classes. My professors were outstanding and made learning not only an easy process but very enjoyable. So shout out to Professor Fallon and Professor Ziergiebel, you guys ROCK!
  14. One of my favorite things to do is to try new foods! I am not a picky eater so I am usually willing to try just about anything! Sushi is my obsession though!
  15. Most people, and I’m talking about professors, high school teachers, friends, family, and significant others, all call me “Ash P”. In high school, I had three friends named Ashley so it was a nickname that just happened to stick for six years.
  16. The only time I have ever traveled outside of the country is when I went to Bermuda with my entire family! It was very beautiful and an amazing experience. I would really love to go back one day because I 10/10 would recommend it as your next destination spot.

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