16 Facts About FYM Tal

11866395_873067359441871_8505722786024301155_n1. I am a Sophomore at Salem State University.

2. I am a Communications Major, concentration – Media Productions.

3. I have a big following on Youtube where I post highlights of the Game Grumps ( Just type in Tal Rimoni and you’ll find me).


4. My favorite food is Hamburger (best place to get a good Hamburger is Eagle’s Deli in Cleveland Circle).

5. My favorite school subject is Math.

6. My favorite shows are Daredevil, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, and House of Cards.


7. I grew up with Pokemon, I still love Pokemon, you can talk to me about Pokemon.

8. I work at the Macy*s at Downtown Crossing Boston.

9. I’m a big fan of Nintendo games, but really want a PS4.


10. I am from Boston, born and bred.

11. I want to go into film, and also start a film club on campus. If anybody is interested, hit me up on Facebook (Tal Rimoni).

12. I am part of the SSU’s Radio WMWM. Tune into my show Tuesday’s around 8-10 PM where I just play good tunes and act weird. I also co-host with Harry Watson, host of his show Little Show of Horrors at 10-11 PM Mondays. Tune into 91.7 WMWM Salem.

13. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.


14. My girlfriend says I am a great listener and give good advice, so if life has got you down, come to me. I got tissues.

15. This is my first time working for the First Year Experience, so I am very excited to help y’all Freshman and Transfer students get acquainted with the campus.

16. Lastly, I am a musician. I play violin, piano, I also compose original music, and I am concertmaster (basically second in command) in the Salem State Chamber Orchestra.



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