16 Facts About FYM Kaitlynn

Hey, first years!


I’m Kaitlynn, I’m a first year mentor at the first year experience office and here are 16 facts about me.

  1. I love dogs. A lot.
  2. I have a dog, Sasha. She’s my pride and joy.
  3. I’m addicted to coffee.
  4. I’m an English major with a minor in Educational Studies.
  5. Which means that I love to read. Specifically Young Adult and Gothic literature.
  6. Last March I went to London and had the time of my life.
    kait shirley big ben
  7. I’m an Editor-In-Chief for Odyssey! If you’re interested in writing weekly articles on whatever you want, feel free to come talk to me about it!
  8. This is my second year as a First Year Mentor – last year I won the Mentor of the Year award!
  9. My middle name is Joy.
  10. I also work at the library and I tutor for the Center for Academic Excellence.
  11. I love Harry Potter.
  12. I also love Mary Lambert.
  13. My little sister is going to UMass Boston this year (and I’m super excited about it!).
  14. I was a tutor in residence for the Summer Bridge Academy over the summer.
  15. I want to go into Higher Education in Student Affairs.
  16. I love Salem State University. A lot. It’s kind of a problem.

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