16 Facts About Mentor Jenna

Hola, que pasa? Me llamo Jenna Bekeshka y encanto Salem State University! Aqui estan dieciseis hechos acerca de me!

Hi, how’s it going? My name is Jenna Bekeshka and I love SSU! Here are 16 facts about me!


1.) I love learning languages, so besides English, I know a fair amount of Spanish and American Sign Language

2.) I have traveled to Greece, Italy and Ireland

3.) I was born in Lianjiang, China

4.) I was adopted when I was one year old, and when I got off the plane in America, my family drove me home in a limo

5.) I collect dragon statues from all over the world, such as Amsterdam, Washington D.C., Italy, etc.

6.) I played the clarinet and bass drum in my high school marching band

7.) Writing is my passion-specifically poetry and rapping

8.) Snapbacks of different colors are my fashion trend

Image result for pictures of snapbacks

9.) The only concert I have been to so far was The Jonas Brothers when I was in middle school

10.) The Lorax is my spirit animal

Image result for the lorax

11.) I drive a yellow car and his name is Bumblebee; I treat him like a son

12.) I never had to take final exams in high school

13.) I want a dragon tattoo and a tiger tattoo when I’m older; I’m not doing quote tattoos, but if I did, it would be, “You have to get lost before you find yourself” and “Burning down the night, shooting bullets at the moon”.

14.) One of my future goals is to watch the sun rise above the Grand Canyon, because we always see the sun set, but how often do we see the sun rise?

15.) I love going on nature walks

16.) My full initials are JLPB (I have two middle names, how cool is that?), so I like to think of it as an acronym for “Jelly Loves Peanut Butter”.

Image result for jelly loves peanut butter


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