How to Declare a Major

Hello First Years!

Many First Year students start college as an Undeclared Major – picking a degree program can be difficult and confusing, but with time you will find your path! Experiment with different kinds of classes until you find your passion. If you know what degree program you would like to pursue, here are the steps to declare a major:

  1. Stop by the Navigation Center: at the kiosk outside the Navigation Center (central campus, Bertolon Building above the cafe) you should be able to pick up a Change of Major form.  The form looks like this: Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.51.17 AM.png
  2. Fill Out the Form: Once you’ve got the form, fill out all of the information that you can. The first two sections are to be filled out by you, and the last section is for the chairperson of the department you wish to join.
  3. Get the Form Signed by the Chairperson: After you have filled out your personal information, the chair of the department you wish to join needs to sign the form. So if you were Undeclared before, and want to be an English major, you would need to go to the English department chair to be approved for the major.
  4. Head Back to the Navigation Center: Once the department chair has filled out their section of the Change Your Major form, you can bring the completed paperwork back to the Navigation Center. Within a few days, the form should be processed and your new major will be official!
  5. Log In to your Navigator Account: After a few days, check on your Navigator to see that your major declaration has been processed. After you log in, click the “My Academics” link on the left hand side. There you will see a box like this one, showing what your program is (I am a theatre major, so mine looks like this):
    Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 11.05.51 AM.png
  6. Check in with the Navigation Center: If you find that your major declaration has not been processed and your new major isn’t shown under the “My Academics” link in your Navigator, it’s time to give the Navigation Center a call – they are very busy and sometimes this processing can take a little bit longer than anticipated.

The process is the same for declaring a second major; if you want to be a double major, you can get a Second Major Form!

If you need help finding your path and figuring out what you want to study, feel free to stop by First Year Experience in Meier Hall 100A!

Happy October,
FYM Kelly


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