5 Ways to Be Prepared for Spring 2017


WOW! I have only been on campus for a month and I already have to think about the Spring Semester???!

Don’t worry! This post will give you some insight on how to get organized and pick classes for next semester.

  1. The first thing you may want to know is the ‘Advising Period’ begins October 17th. This is a time where you will make a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss classes for next fall. Don’t know who your advisor is? Log onto you Navigator Account and under “Quick Links” hit “My Advisors”. This will show you your advisors name highlighted in blue and if you click their name, their contact information will be available to you.                                                                                                   blogadvisor
  2. Don’t go to your advising meeting unprepared. Do some research before you meet with advisor on what classes you should be taking. Even if you are Undeclared, there are still General Education (Gen.Ed) requirements for you to take. In order to figure out which of your Gen Ed’s still need to be completed; utilize the quick link or Navigator that says “View Degree Tracker Report”. This list contains drop down menus with classes you can use to fulfill you requirements and  show you which requirements have already been completed!capture
  3. The Degree Tracker can also show you which classes you need to take for you major. If you are in Honors Program, it can show you which honors classes you still need as well. Use the degree tracker to come up with a few ideas of what classes you want/need to take in Spring. Your advisor will really appreciate it if you come in with a place to start so your advising session is more organized and fluid.
  4. When choosing classes for next semester and making your schedule, keep in mind prior commitments such as clubs and work so nothing over laps! You can use the generate schedule feature on Navigator to show you different options that you’ll have for the classes you want to take. Under “Quick Links” choose “My Class Schedule”. You can switch to the calendar view to see how each of your days will look.schedule
  5. Feel free to come to the FYE Office- Meier 100A and meet with a First Year Mentor and ask lots of questions! We will do our best to help and with a wide range of mentors in different majors and minors- we have a good idea of classes you need to take to be on track!

    All Smile



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