What FYE can do for you!!

Now that the first month is over most of ya’ll are probably feeling pretty comfortable and know a good amount about Salem State. You’ve come to our office and asked your questions, got some candy, maybe met a mentor?! Awesome, we’ve done our job, we’re done for the rest of the year, time to go on a vacation…. JUST KIDDING! There is so much more that First Year Experience has to offer for First Year student throughout your ENTIRE first year! Here are just some of the great opportunities we have to offer you:


  1. FAB- First Year Advisory Board

The First-Year Advisory Board is a chance to get involved in your first year, make a difference, and serve as an advocate for your fellow students! Their three main goals are to give a voice to first year students, impact the campus community, and to have fun!! Some of the events they did last year were creating Holiday themed treats and handing them out to students studying in the Library for finals! They also created vision boards at one of their meetings to help students map out their goals! Here’s a picture of how great one of the boards came out last year:


If you’d like more information, check out the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FabFirst/


  1. ALD- Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta is a nationally recognized honor society for students achieving academic excellence in their first year at Salem State University. Being a member of Alpha Lambda Delta is an excellent opportunity to be recognized for your academic success in your first year! As a member you will be presented with leadership opportunities, civic engagement opportunities and scholarship opportunities through the national chapter. In order to be consider you must have a achieved a 3.5 or higher GPA and be in the top 20% of your class during your first term or your first year of study at Salem State University. News about ALD will go out during the beginning of your second semester!


  1. Mentors, Grads, and Office Assistance

In our First Year Experience office we have 16 mentors, 5 grads, and 7 office assistance who are here for you! You can stop in at any time (Monday-Friday, 9-5) to ask questions, set up a meeting, or just talk to someone about how you’re feeling! Our staff is here to make sure you’re exceeding to the best of your ability during your first year at Salem State!



  1. FYRE- First Year Reading Experience

Each year a common book is selected by the university community for all first year students to read and discuss the day prior to classes beginning. In addition, faculty utilize the book throughout the course of the year in various courses and as inspiration for programs and activities across the entire campus. Through our office we offer many programs that centralize around the First Year Reading Experience. Look out for announcements about upcoming event on our facebook page!



Just a reminder, these are only a FEW of the program we have to offer through our office, if you have any questions, come talk to us in Meier Hall room 100A!


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