5 Ways to Stay Healthy On Campus!

It’s that time of year! The temperature’s dropping, the leaves are changing, and everyone and their mother is getting sick. As I’m writing this I am coughing up a storm and there seems to be no end in sight. So take it from me: staying healthy while being at college is vital to your mental, physical, and academic well-being. Here are five tips to stay healthy while being at college!

Drink plenty of fluids!


And no, I don’t mean coffee. Drink a lot of water, orange juice, and even tea! Drinking fluids will keep you hydrated and keep your sinuses and head clear!

Eat Healthier at the Dining Halls!


It may be tempting to get that pizza or to grab a Whopper from Burger King, but eating healthy on campus leads to a healthier you! It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while, but definitely eat more on the healthier side!

Work Out!


I am the worst at this, but it’s definitely true. Exercising on a regular basis is key to staying healthy in college! Whether it’s going for a walk, going to the gym, or doing yoga, exercising helps you stay physically and mentally fit!

Get Plenty of Sleep!


This is one of the hardest things to do in college, but getting plenty of sleep allows you to stay alert, improve your academics, and increases your mood! Not getting plenty of sleep leads to irritability, poor performance, and a caffeine addiction!

Know When to Talk to a Doctor!


You know your body better than anyone! If you notice a dramatic change, definitely tell someone. Is your cold persisting too long? Are you in pain? Tell your doctor about any of these things! It’s better to be too cautious than to ignore any symptoms. You can even see someone at Counseling and Health Services for help! They are located in Ellison Campus Center in room 107 on North Campus!

Stay warm and stay healthy!



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