Life Lessons

It’s really scary to think that I was only a freshmen a little more than a few months ago. As a sophomore at SSU the transition from freshmen year is too real and I am going to share three things that I’ve learned that I hope you all can benefit from:

  • It’s OK to not have everything all figured out (cliche I know,  but seriously) and even if you think you have everything figured out, things can change in a matter of seconds. I came into college last year thinking that I was going to get a degree in Psychology. For as long as I can remember English has always been my passion but I let others get into my head by constantly reminding me that there was no money in that field. First semester I took General Psych and I loved the class for the most part and I did great in it, but I really couldn’t imagine myself going through with it for another seven semesters…so I declared English as my major and Secondary Education as my minor and it was the best decision I ever made. 


  •  “You win some, you lose some..” and that goes for everything in life. For example, exams. Sometimes, you’ll end up staying up all night studying for an exam, only to be disappointed with the results, just remember that it’s not the end of the world and that there are many resources on campus ready to help you.


  • Joining clubs is not only a great way to make friends, but also a way to explore different interests. This year, I joined UAT (Urban Arts Theater)’s Spoken word group. It is something that I never imagined myself doing, because I am a writer, and not a performer, but watching my best friend (the spoken word rep) before on opening night was truly inspiring and made me realize that I shouldn’t hide my pieces and that performing would really help ease my anxiety when it comes to public speaking.

clubs_header.jpg    spoken_word (2).jpg


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