Why YOU Should go to the Majors and Minors Fair!


Since many of you are still undecided, required to declare a minor or to declare a second major, this is why you should take advantage of the Majors and Minors Fair!!

Attending the Majors and Minors Fair is your chance to discover what you are passionate about, and decide on what career path is right for you! We have so many different programs and departments available here on campus, so it is important that you get all of the necessary information about what you are interested in!


  • When will this fair be taking place?

The Majors and Minors Fair is on Tuesday, October 11th! This is only a few days away so try to make time in your schedules!

  • What time is the fair?

From 3-5 pm, you can come and explore all of the different departments and opportunities we have here at Salem State!

  • Where is the fair?

You can find the Majors and Minors fair in Veterans Hall located in the Ellison Campus Center!

  • Here are some campus resources that will be at the fair!
    • Career Services
    • Center for Academic Excellence
    • School of Education
    • The First Year Experience Office

All Smile

If you already have a major or minor in mind, before or after the Majors and Minors Fair, check out First Year Mentor Kelly’s blog on how to declare it!

How to Declare a Major

The First Year Experience office hopes to see many of you at this fair! So even if you only have a few minutes between classes, come check it out and say hello!



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