How To Use The What-If Report

The What-If Report is a great way to see what your degree tracker would look like if you declared or changed your major or minor.

A What-If Report will give you a good look into if you could change your major, and what requirements you would still have to meet in order to obtain that degree.

To view your report, there are a few steps. First, log into Navigator. On the left-hand side, you’ll see your “Quick Links.”


You’ll want to click on “Full Menu”!


Then under “Full Menu,” click on “Academics.”


Followed by “View What-if Report.”


Now you’re at the What-If Report home screen! To create a new scenario, click on “Create New Report.”


When you scroll a bit you’ll see this screen. Select the area of study you are interested in along with the concentration. Protip: you can also select minors!


Once you already complete a What-If Report, you can view that exact report again without redoing it every time. Nifty, right?


Once you get further in your degree, this becomes more and more important. Discovering your passions and what minors you might want is hard, but the What-If report makes it easy! 🙂

If you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to the First Year Experience office! You can visit us in Meier Hall 100A, call us at (978) 542-2618, email us at or message us on Facebook!

Have a great semester!

-FYM Kaitlynn


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