How to Utilize Your Professor


Hi First-Years,

During your time here at Salem State, taking advantage of your professors is one of the best things you can do to ensure you succeed in all of your classes. I’m going to break down a few of the ways you can take full advantage of your professors so then you’ll be able to continue thriving here at SSU!

   Method 1: Using your Student Email/Canvas 

One of the BEST ways for you to get in contact with your professors is through email.Usually, your professor will have specified if they want you to email them through your regular Salem State email OR if they’d like to be emailed through Canvas specifically.  However, I should definitely mention that some professors only check their CANVAS email. So, make sure you’re aware of which email you should be using to communicate with a specific professor.

Method 2:  Office Hours 


Another awesome way for you to get in contact with your professors is to go to their office hours. All professors are required to have regularly scheduled office hours that are meant as a time that they are available as a resource to you. So, if you need some clarification on homework or class material, want to ask about extra credit opportunities, or you just want to pop by and say hello, their office hours are a great time for you to do all of those things! Most professors will have their office hours listed on their class syllabus. Otherwise, they will ask you to email them to make an appointment to meet up. It’s good practice for you to shoot your professor a quick email the day before stopping by their office hours so that they know you’re coming.

I hope that these 2 tips are helpful to you all so that you can effectively communicate with all your professors and thrive in all of your classes. This is a great skill for you to learn early on so that you can foster lasting relationships with the faculty here! Remember: all of the professors here want to see you succeed; utilize them for their advice, knowledge & guidance!

Wishing you continued success throughout the semester,

FYM Patrick

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