ACADEMICS: Choosing the Right Classes

 By now, you all should have met with your advisors to talk about what classes you should take for next semester and so on. Your degree tracker is a great way to plan out your path at SSU. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing the right classes:


  1. Do not overload yourself. While it is ideal to graduate with your graduating class, you need to understand that everyone is on a different path and that while your roommate might be ahead of you in her education, it does not mean you should overbook yourself to play catch up. Even if you have room in your schedule for that extra 6th class, you should keep in mind that you might need that extra time to study and for some “you-time”.
  2. The workload gets harder and harder each semester, so pace yourself and do not try to take all classes in your major at once. For example, I am an English major with a Secondary Education minor, this semester I am currently taking 3 English classes, 1 SOC class, 1 Education class and 1 PSY class. The SOC and PSY classes allow me to fulfill both my major/general education requirements and also allows me to explore different fields. When given the opportunity, you should always try to take classes outside of your major, so that you’re not stuck taking five BIO classes. 
  3.  A lot of classes require prerequisites and will not allow you to take the class unless you take those prereq’s. So, get a jumpstart on those prereq’s, so that you will be able to take the classes that you need to take for your major. 



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