Halloween is over… Now what?

Some of you may be thinking, now that Halloween is over, what is there to do around Salem? Well hopefully this blog can highlight a few things for you to do at school and in town after the Spooky Season.

  1.  Have you heard of The Bit Bar? Every Tuesday Night in downtown Salem the Bit Bar offers College Night. Using your Clipper Card you can get $3 dollars worth of tokens with the purchase of a meal! Also, if you have friends from Endicott College they can join in on the fun too as long as they have their college ID! bit-bar-cropped-2
  2. Support the National Parks Service and visit Salem’s historic Custom House or the Narbonne and Derby houses. The Custom House was made famous by author Nathaniel Hawthorne who worked at the Customs House for 3 years. He made it famous in the book The Scarlet Letter.  These tours are free and are available Wednesday-Sunday from 1pm-2pm
  3. If you have not already been to the Peabody Essex Museum you should check it out! With the presentation of your Clipper Card you will get into the museum for free! Grab some friends and check it out. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunays 10am-5pm. Right now you’ll be able to see the Lunar Attraction which will be here until next September! image These are a few things that are reoccurring in downtown Salem but if you are ever interested in events on campus, download the App “Salem State Events”. This will give you access to any events happening on campus!

Remember, there is way more to Salem than just Halloween!

– Hannah


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