Important Life Lesson: Take a Risk

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If I could choose one important life lesson that I have learned the most in college, it would have to be risk taking. In my opinion, my whole college experience has taught me to take risks. Now I know what some of you are thinking, why would I want to take a risk that could potentially lead to a bad outcome? Well, for starters we LEARN from the risks we take, whether or not the outcome is good or bad.

  1. Do something you’ve never done before.

During the summer going into my freshman year here at Salem State, I was a nervous wreck. As each day got closer to my move in date, the fear of living in a new place with complete strangers weighed heavier on my shoulders. Now that I am a sophomore and living in a dorm for my second year, I am so thankful that I took that original risk. As I am sure many of you are happy we all made this risk, it was a learning experience for everyone who did it, whether you liked it or not.

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Here are some new things to try!!

  • Go for a ride on the sea-shuttle!

  • Go scuba diving in the north shore!

  • Learn how to Skydive!


      2. Major in what you’ll love, not what will pay you the most

Pick a major that will make you happy! This is so important for your future career, so don’t pick something because someone influenced you to do it. Take classes that actually interest you, not ones that will help you make money. Take a risk and switch your major, it’s not too late to do what YOU want to do. As an elementary education major, I am very obviously not doing this for the money. I want to become a teacher because this is what my passion is and I so badly want my future to be spent at a job that I will love.

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      3. Quit the job you hate and apply for something you’ll enjoy

For over 4 years of my life, I always hated my jobs. I only stuck with them for the money, and constantly dreaded going back everyday. It was not until I decided to take action, that I found two jobs that I absolutely love. Never in my past have I ever genuinely enjoyed working, until this last summer. I absolutely love working in the First Year Experience office and I am also a receptionist at a local Toyota dealership. I have made so many great friends and learned so much but having these jobs. Without taking the risk of quitting the jobs I hated so much, I would have never learned to love working.



     4. Challenge yourself sometimes

Don’t always try to take the easy route to avoid a difficult situation. Challenging yourself and pushing out of your comfort zone is essential to your success, especially in college. Don’t take a class that you do not find interesting just because you think it may be easy. Take some classes that are going to be difficult for you, this is what will motivate you to work harder, and to make sure you learn. Work hard and challenge yourself, even if you fail, that is perfectly fine! Failure is all a part of your learning experience!



Risk taking is so important, especially in our college careers. Now is the time to do something you’ve never done, to challenge yourself, to quit that job, or to get yourself out into the world. Do not let the fear of failure stop you from doing the things you want to do with your life.


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