Dealing With Homesickness


Being homesick is a very overwhelming feeling that causes stress due to an actual or anticipated separation from home. Transitioning from high school to college with the work load, social involvement, extracurricular activities, and expectations is already difficult. In addition to all of those items, add on the stress of living on campus with another person in a dorm…without parents! This means you actually are now responsible for making your own food, motivating yourself to attend classes, and even wash your own clothing. At the age of eighteen or nineteen of course that is going to create extra stress.


But know this, you are NOT alone, at all! It is completely normal to miss home or want to return home, especially if you are far from home. It is also easy to miss home when you are only a twenty minute ride because there is an enormous change compared to what you were used to for the past eighteen years of your life. Last year as a freshman I was seven hours away from my home in Pennsylvania and experienced a degree of homesickness to the extent at which I would be upset and down every single day about wanting to return home; crying in class, googling every way to transfer, an completely blocking out the possibility of staying at college.

There are an outstanding amount of resources on this campus to help. To start, there is the First Year Experience room which is located in Meier hall down the hallway of Dunkin Donuts in 100A. Not only is there free food and little give always but mentors and grad-students are constantly in the office available to give advice, comfort, or anything that you need at all. Also counseling and health services is open from 8am until 5pm and all of the counselors are there to help you throughout the semester. Not only are these offices an option but getting involved on campus can really make a difference. The amount of groups and clubs on campus is awesome and relate to many interests which is a great way to become social and not have as much time on your hands to think about missing home.


Homesickness is completely normal in the first few months of transitioning from high school to college, especially when you are away from everything that you have ever known; home. Think positive and live DAY TO DAY because everything does get better and in a few months you will not even want to go home. If I did not fight through the change I would not have had this wonderful opportunity to grow to the person I will be in these four years and would have never left home. We are lucky to experience this; embrace it and be yourself.


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