Registration and Stress

Stressed or relaxed.

Handling Stress:

By this point in the semester, you all are probably realizing that stress is a constant factor in the life of a college student. This is exactly why it is so important to learn how to balance stress so that it is a positive impact on your education and your life. Stress is important because it is why you feel the need to get homework done on time and study for exams, but it can often become overwhelming and result in a negative impact on your education and your life.

One way to prevent overwhelming stress is by planning out your schedule in advance. With good time-management skills, you can minimize bad stress by planning ahead when you will have time during each week to work on homework and long-term projects. That way, you are able to slowly complete homework assignments without getting overwhelmed by too much work all at once.


Getting Help:

One of the great things about Salem State is that there are so many resources available to students (especially first-year students). If you are struggling in a particular class for any reason, it is a great idea to talk to your professor and discuss how to succeed in that course. There are also peer tutors available for many classes free of charge, which can be an enormous help if you are struggling in a class.

The First Year Experience office is also a great resource for just about anything. We can provide guidance in all sorts of issues, from stress management and trouble with classes to housing problems and other personal issues. The mentors and student success coaches here all very friendly and welcoming and are always here to talk or point you in the right direction. The FYE office is located in Meier Hall 100A.



Registration for freshmen is this Friday November 4th. This can be a very stressful time, even for upperclassmen. It is very important to always have a backup plan, which you have discussed with you advisor. Be prepared with extra classes that you could enroll in, just in case the classes that you had planned on taking get filled up. Also remember that some students may drop classes after registration opening up space for students who were unable to get in. If your backup plan doesn’t work out either, the next step would be to contact either the professor who is teaching the class that you wish to get into or the department chairperson for that class, in order to be placed on the waiting list for that course.

Don’t hesitate to contact the FYE office with any questions! We are here to help!


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