Registration Time is Near!!

Registration is upon us! For a lot of First Years this is their first time registering without someone sitting with them along the way. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! The First Year experience office is here to help you and give you some helpful hints for class registration.



Tip #1: Make sure you have your access code!

This is the most simple step of the registration process. As most of you know, in order to get your access code you need to meet with your adviser. You will enter your access code right before your time to register!


Tip #2: Have some backup options!

It’s always a good idea to have some backup classes in case the ones you need get filled up too quickly! There are so many general education classes to pick from, you’re bound to find at least 3 you like!

Tip #3: Don’t panic if it is taking a while to load!

There’s going to be hundreds of students registering at the same time as you, so if the page is taking a while to load or process, don’t fret! It will go through eventually, just try to be patient!


Tip #4: Know your options if the classes you want/need fill up.

Not getting into the classes you need or want is totally something that can put a damper in your day, but knowing your options will totally be a stress reliever! You can always email the professor of your desired class and see if there are any extra spots in the class. You can also see if there are any additional sections of the class in the one you chose doesn’t work.

Tip# #5: Register at the correct time!

Again, this is a simple tip, but many people are unaware of what time they register. If you have Priority Registration (ex: part of the Honors Programs, part of Disabilities Services, on a sports team, and many others) then you will register at 7 AM on Friday, November 4th. If you do not have priority registration, then you will register at 3 PM on Friday, November 4th.


We understand that the registration process can be really stressful, but hopefully these tips can make it a little easier for you to conquer registration! And as always, feel free to stop by the First Year Experience office in Meier Hall 100A for any additional help, we are here for you!!


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