States of Flow- A night of artistic expression


This semester the various Art departments on campus have been working on collaborating more. The Music and Dance department as well as the Art department are working to meld projections, improvisational dance, and improvisational music together for a unique and experimental performance. Our upcoming collaboration States of Flow will be taking place on November 14th at 6:00 pm in and around the Berry Library. We’re hoping that this performance will open up the creative process in a different way by breaking the fourth wall between creator and audience.

It’s important to support your peers and the Arts in general. It’s not easy to face your peers with raw and experimental material. Even stopping by just to look around for a short while would be appreciated. Come by for an evening of artistic expression, a Super Moon, and some cookies and hot cocoa!

Please come and support your peers at this free event as they venture to create an atypical performance.



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