Midterms Are Over… What’s Next?

Hi First Years!

Congrats on making to the mid-point of the semester! Midterms are finally over and we only have 5 weeks left until the end of the semester. Crazy, I know!


So, what’s next? Here are some helpful tips to stay on track to end your first semester strong!

Make sure you are checking your syllabi. Your syllabus has key information regarding when you final exam is, the break down of grade, and your professors contact information.syllbus

Contact your professor with questions. If you’re having difficulty in a class; contact your professor and take initiative to plan and figure out a solution (you’re professor will appreciate you taking the first step). Go to their office hours, email them, talk to them in class.

Organize of a study group with others in your class. Plan out times to meet up and work on projects, homework, papers or simply just review what you learned in class.  Did you know can reserve a study room in the Library? You simply go to the Main Desk and ask for a study room. They will give you a key and the room number. If there is a waiting list, they will call you after two hours to let others use the room. If not, you can stay there as long as you want and study away!


You can get a tutor! Some may need that one on one help from someone. You can request a tutor through your Navigator account. Located on the left hand side of the main page at the bottom of the list it will say “Request Peer Tutor”. Click on that and it will relocate you to the page and take you through the steps on getting a tutor.


Hopefully you have found these suggestions useful! If you ever need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the FYE Office located in Meier Hall 100A!

-FYM Kathryn



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