Tips for Writing Papers

You’ve made it through more than half the fall semester and only have five weeks left! Remember to stay on top of your work and finish out the semester strong. I bet that you have papers to write, so I am going to give you some tips on how to successfully write a paper.

First, I suggest that you write a rough draft completely through. Start with the parts of the paper that you are most comfortable with and then work on the parts that you are having a harder time with. Don’t worry about the grammar and the spelling at this point, just do stream of conscious writing. This means that you are just getting all of your ideas out in the paper and not worrying about the mechanics of writing.


Second, take a look over the paper now and revise to make sure that you are getting your point across. Try to make your thoughts clear and concise! You don’t want to ramble on and on about the same idea in three consecutive sentences. If you need to say something over multiple sentences, attempt to find a different way to say it. For instance, change up the sentence structure!

Third, have another pair of eyes look at your paper. You could have a classmate or friend peer edit your paper. If you are a resident student, visit one of the Academic Mentors of your building to have them look at your paper. You can also take that time to talk it out with the AM to make sure your ideas are getting across the way you want. You can also utilize the Writing Center! Just make an appointment before the paper is due and have someone look it over with you and talk about what the paper is asking you to do. Another option is to visit your professor during their office hours to discuss your paper. The professor can tell you what is on the right track and help you to better understand the assignment if there is any confusion.


Fourth, once you believe that your paper has all the content in it. Then go back and edit words so that there are not many repeats. Use a thesaurus to look up synonyms to common words. Here’s a link Also ensure that you have capital letters and punctuation at the end of your sentences! Yes sometimes it does happen with typos!! Use Spell check/grammar check on your computer!check-spelling-grammar-and-style

I hope that these tips find you well! Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week! Just remember that there are no classes on Friday 11/11 so you all have a long weekend to look forward to!


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