Dealing with the Stress of a Poor Academic Grade

Not all of our strong suits is school work, for some of us it may athletics or music and the arts and that is okay. How you manage and choose to handle this bump in the road is up to you. Being proactive is such an advantage when it comes to recieving a poor grade because instead of sitting back and letting time slip away you can begin creating steps in making positive improvements.

Talk to your professors! Although they can sometimes be intimidating they do care about your overall success. If you are struggling in any class please be sure to speak with them and use their office hours that are scheduled. If none of those times work for you because of classes or other circumstances speak with them before and after class, they will put aside time another day or time to assist you. When you show your concern instead of waiting until the end of the semester or the end of a deadline it means more to them and seems as if you are making an effort to fix your mistakes.

Use your outside resources! Salem State University has an outstanding amount of support on campus and you can be directed towards many important, helpful offices such as the library which includes the writing center, many many tutoring sessions for each distinct subject, and even the center for Academic Excellence. You can also set up an appointment in the First Year Experience office with the Peer Mentors who major in various subjects and the Grad students who will assist you with anything you nee whatsoever.

Along with that, never ever give up!! Do not get down on yourself about one grade because it happens to everyone. Pick yourself back up and learn from that mistake so that it does not occur repeatitvely. The main concern is to not make receiving poor grades a habit because then it will negatively affect your life. Prepare yourself beforehand, you got it!


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