Transgender Awareness Month!

Hey friends! The month of November is great for many reasons, not only do we have a break for the hectic college life, get to eat some great food, and wear out our favorite fall jackets, but we also get to celebrate the Trans folks in our life and provide them with support and love!


The month of November is dedicated to folks who identify as Transgender and to ensure that we, as a community, are providing as much support and protection to those who need it. A post on Trans support blog put it perfectly, “Celebration is needed and necessary not only to educate people about our lives, but also to help drive the message that trans rights are international human rights.” (TransGriot)

The Trans community is a marginalized group who often see much hate, misunderstanding, and violence due to the lack of support or knowledge from others. Did you know that 72% of anti-LGBTQ homicide victims were transgender women? (report by the National Center for Transgender Equality and The Task Force) It’s these shocking and sad statistics that make it even more necessary to support this community, especially with the current events happening in the world today.

trans stats.png

We can do many things as Trans ally’s to support this community! Here are some helpful tips for creating a brave space for the Trans community:

  1. Learn more about the community- There are tons of resources out there for folks to learn more about the Trans community, or non-binary genders in general, you just have to look! A great resource is the GLAAD website. They have a FAQ page all about Trans individuals and also personal stories from those who identify as Trans!
  2. Ask someone’s pronouns- We want to make sure that we’re never assuming someone’s identity, but asking what they identify as is a good way to get to know them better! Introducing yourself with your pronouns and asking for someone else’s can open up a whole new world of conversation!
  3. Attend events that will help you become a better ally- Salem State always has tons of great events being hosted to create a more inclusive community. The Diversity and Multicultural affairs office hosts Safe Zone training’s every semester and they have a trans specific one where you can really learn a lot! There’s also many events this month at SSU and in the local Salem community for people to attend to support their Trans friends!


Following through with a few of these tips can create a more inclusive and safe space for all! Here at FYE we encourage you to spread kindness and support to not only the Trans community, but to everyone in the following months! If you have any more questions about the Trans or Queer community, please feel free to reach out to the following resources on campus:


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance- Ellison Campus Center, room 206

Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Office- Ellison Campus Center, room 202

First Year Experience Office, Meier Hall, room 100A


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