Useful Resources Around Campus to End Your Semester Strong

Thanksgiving Break has come and a well deserved break is in the cards. As you are enjoying your time off, it’s also a great time to organize your school work and plan ahead for the last TWO weeks of the semester! After Thanksgiving Break we only have two weeks remaining in the semester! Crazy, I know! Planning ahead and using the resources on campus are curial. Below is a list resources to use to help you end your semester strong!

Writing Center:

Having trouble with a paper? Make an appointment and go visit the Writing Center in the Berry Library located next the Center of Academic Excellence room 113. They can help you with anything from topic development, brainstorming, organization, sentence-level writing issues, citations, oral and/or visual presentations, proposals, professional documents (cover letters, resumes, personal statements). They’re open Monday-Thursday 9 am-4 pm and 6-9 pm, Friday 9 am-2 pm, Saturday 12-3 pm and can be contacted at 978.542.6491


Library Resource Rooms:

Need to finish a group project, study with others, or have your own silent space to study on your own? These study rooms are perfect for just that. Simply ask the attendants working at the desk on the main floor that you would like to use one of those rooms. They will assign you a room and a key to use. During finals week, these rooms are very popular and many are limited.

If rooms are not available when you get there, they will put you on a waiting list and will call you when your room is ready. On busy days, users are limited to two hours to accommodate the amount of people. These rooms include white board walls to write on, projectors to share work with others in your group. I highly recommend using these rooms!


Math Lab:

Having trouble in your math class? Need help studying for your Final Exam? Visit the Math Lab located in room 306 in the Sullivan Building (ext. 6348). The staff and students that work in that office are there to help you with anything from homework, studying, or practicing certain math skills. They’re open Mondays through Thursdays from 9 am – 8 pm, Fridays from 9 am – 5 pm, Evening hours are by appointment only  and closed on Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Recess.



Hopefully you will find these resources useful for the end of the semester!

-FYM Kathryn


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