Surviving Finals Week

Finals Week is coming up and unlike in High School, these exams can determine whether or not you can stay with the major of your choice. Finals week can be very stressful with piles of assignments due: paper, projects, presentations…you NAME IT!

Here are a five tips on how to survive Finals Week:

  1. Do not leave everything for last minute. At this point you should know when your final exam is scheduled for (For some it was given on the first day of class on the syllabus)…Study Guides are coming out for your exams, paper guidelines, project guidelines, whichever, and waiting last minute only causes more stress
  2. Take READING DAY SERIOUSLY! Reading Day is the day after the last day of classes. While you may think this is a relief and the time to get together with friends and stay up all night, you should take advantage of the library and catching up on your studying…Again, cramming and waiting last minute only causes more stress
  3. Join study groups! Studying alone can be tedious and boring, so reach out to people in your classes or close friends and motivate each other. Request one of the rooms in the Library and take advantage of the dry erase walls and resources.
  4. Make sure all of your things are up to date on your part so on the last day of class you’re not chasing your prof for clarification on your grades. They’ll probably have 50 other students sending them emails about their grades as well.
  5. Remember the importance of self-care. Studying for finals is very important but you should also keep in mind that keeping a healthy mental and physical state is important as well. Reach out for help instead of taking on all of this pressure on your own.



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