New Year, New Me

Over the break you may be familiar with a popular holiday that is celebrated world wide- New Years Day!


A commonly practiced tradition of this day is coming up with a New Years Resolution.

A resolution for the New Year is a great time to start fresh and come up with a goal that you want to set for yourself!

In order to make a meaningful and achievable goal there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind.

  1. Have a purpose. What is the reason your are making this resolution? Does it stick to your core values? Your goal should be something you’re truly passionate about because if your goal is to start waking up early it will really become dreadful for you to hear the alarm at 5:30 if you aren’t a morning person!waking-up-gif1
  2. Be specific! If you’re making a resolution to “eat better” or “lose weight” or “do better in school” none of these goals become achievable. What are you going to do to eat better, lose weight or do better in school? It is important to be specific so you can make a clear plan to get where you want!                              download (2).jpg
  3. Realize your resolution. A great way to follow your goals and make your resolution achievable is by physically writing it down. Then you can post it on your calendar or fridge- somewhere you often check! I even write a note in my phone and make it my lock screen photo so I can see it every time I open my phone. download.jpg
  4. Keep it simple. If you want effective change, you need to make sure you can focus on your resolution. If you pile it up with too many goals for yourself, you may get overwhelmed and not complete what you set out to do!18207480.gif
  5. Forgive your failures. New Years Resolutions can be tough. And guess what? No one is perfect! Sometimes you will be setback but that will not define your success. Keep trying and remember, life rewards those who work at it!download-1

Make your New Years count!

-FYM Hannah


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