5 Tips to Stay Organized for Second Semester

Welcome back to campus Vikings!

When tackling second semester, some may feel discouraged or burnt out from the previous semester. But don’t worry! Here are some tips to get you started and organized for the spring!

  1. Map out all your assignments!

    After you get all of your syllabi, map out on a calendar when assignments are due! Since we’re in January, write down all the assignments that are due for the rest of the month. This may seem daunting, but it’s really helpful and gives you an idea of what the next few weeks will look like! Keep up this routine and do this for the rest of the semester!

  2. Make note of all of your professors’ contact information! 

    Whether it’s a quick homework question, or rescheduling an exam, find out the best method to contact your professors. Some use their email and others use Canvas, so be sure to ask!

  3. Move your files from last semester! 

    Many of us tend to hoard our old papers and assignments on our laptops, taking up so much space. Get a flash drive or external hard drive, and move those files off your desktop! You may not need them, and you could even delete some old pdfs past professors have sent you in the past. Deleting these files will make your computer run more efficiently.

  4. Make to-do lists! 

    Some students live by bullet journaling, others like a simple post-it. Whatever works for you, make a to-do list of your day, so you know exactly what needs to be done! (Making a blog post like this is actually on my to-do list for the day! Inception.)

  5. Establish a routine!

    If you have a set class and work schedule, create a routine for yourself! Know when you can go to the library, and when you can eat lunch. If you stick with a consistent and productive routine, doing your work and being on time will become second nature to you!

Have an amazing semester Vikings! If you want more tips on how to set up a planner, how to contact professors, or even to stop by and say “hi!,” find us in Meier Hall room 100A! We’ll be here!



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