It’s Never Too Late To Make Some Money!

Hey Vikings!
I hope your Winter break was exactly what you need, filled with lots of relaxation and preparation! Now that we’re back though, it’s time to start buckling down with academics and other extra curricular activities. For some, that may be a campus group/club or even an activity in the Salem, but for others that could be a job on, or off campus! Many students think that you can only get a job beginning in the Fall semester, but that is very untrue! There are plenty of offices hiring on campus, and even more jobs in the Salem area! Don’t know where to start?! We’re here to help!

Option 1: Check the Salem State job directory for on campus jobs!  

Go onto the Salem State website and type in “jobs” in the search barjob-1


Once you click enter, click on the first option!


You’ll get to this page and you’ll need to fill in the information necessary! If you receive Work Study through your Financial Aid package, then click that option. If you do not, or are looking for an additional job to your Work Study job, then click on Institutional. If you’d like it to be with a certain department, then you can add this information as well. Finally, hit search!



A wide arrange of jobs will come up from your search, and now it’s on you to find the perfect fit! You can click on any job and read the description, requirements, and the way you should apply for it! Some jobs will have links to their applications, while others may have a name for you to contact! After all these steps have been completed, make sure to check your email for any contact from your possible future employer!


Option 2: Use online resources to find an off-campus job in the area!

There are several different websites available to search for jobs in the surrounding area! Some that I have used in the past are:





Indeed: “Indeed is the world’s #1 job site. More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else!” Just like the Salem State website, you would cater your search to what you are interested in and your qualifications you have!







Monster: “Whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking career advice or want a laugh, we’ve got you covered.”









LinkedIn: “Connecting the world’s professionals to help make them more productive and successful.” This option lets you submit you resume, cover letter, and personal photo, so that you can connect with professionals and job offers!




We wish you luck with your job search for the Spring semester and hope you find the perfect fit for you! If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to contact our office, or even the Career Services office on campus! (Ellison Campus Center, Room 105


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