Campus Safety at SSU

As the New Year starts and classes begin, students get excited to meet up with friends and reconnect. One of my favorite things about being back is being surrounded by some of my favorite people and having fun! However, it is important to remind ourselves that amidst all the fun, there are necessary steps to maintain a safe space at Salem State. This is to not only help your well-being, but those of others as well.

campus police.jpg

As you may know Salem State has campus police located on Central Campus in between Meier and Bertolon. There are patrols on foot, bike and in vehicles and there services are available 24/7 year round. Some of their services in addition to patrol are medical emergency responses, crime prevention education, parking services, lost and found, and traffic support.

Contact Info:

Emergency Phone Numbers

Call ext. 6111 from a university phone or 978.542.6111 or 911 from a cell phone or non-university phone.

Alternate emergency phone lines to be used only when university phones are not working:

Living on campus may also be fun but there are ways to ensure safety in the residence halls. Res Halls are mandated 24 hours by desk receptionists and contain locked entry door ways and alarm systems to maintain security. Res Life provides the tips below to help you:

  • Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you are inside your room or apartment; never leave your door unlocked when your room or apartment is unoccupied, even if you leave for only a short period of time
  • Carry your keys, swipe card and ID with you at all times
  • Never prop open entryway, stairwell or fire exit doors, or exit through emergency doors, as both allow non-residents to slip into the building after you leave
  • Ask university police to engrave valuable items such as stereos, televisions, VCRs, and DVD players for you; the service is free, and might help you identify stolen items in the future
  • Never attempt to free yourself or someone else from a malfunctioning elevator. If you are in an elevator that suddenly stops, stay calm and press the emergency button. Should you find someone stuck in the elevator, contact the front desk immediately. Talk calmly with the person in the elevator until a staff member arrives. It is extremely important to follow elevator guidelines for the maximum number of occupants, as posted by the staff.
  • Keep valuables and money out of sight, even in your room; take important belongings home with you over breaks
  •  Immediately report any  guests and suspicious people or activities to the residence life staff or to university police
  • Do not sign people you do not know into the building; at the Bates Complex, do not buzz people into the entryway unless they are coming to see you

Remember too that your resident assistant (RA) will be of great assistance as they have resources to help you.

Another great resource at Salem State is Counseling and Health Services. Counseling services offers free and confidential professional counseling or therapy to support student development and assist students with their mental health needs. Personal concerns and challenges are a normal part of the college experience. Students frequently seek counseling to deal with a variety of life issues including stress, depression, relationship difficulties, loss, anxiety, adjustment, and others. They offer short-term individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and emergency services during regular working hours, workshops on requested topics, consultation and community referrals.

To contact counseling services call 978.542.6410

There are many resources to ensure safety on campus, and remember if you are ever walking on campus and feel unsafe you can locate an emergency call box which may also be referred to as a blue light.

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