Staying on top of the Updates

Hello Vikings!

I hope that classes are going well and that you are getting back into the academic routine! Things are starting to pick up such as course loads, homework, work schedules, club events and everything in between. I just wanted to give you all some tips on how you can keep track of your assignments and even things that are occurring on campus.

First, did you know that you can set up Canvas notifications to go directly to your email or even to send text message alerts to your phone? When you activate this feature, any updates from professors such as announcements, new assignments and even grades on assignments can be sent directly to your phone. You can set these up by logging into Canvas. Click on the account button on the left hand side of the screenaccount-canvas

and click notifications and then here is where you can adjust what is sent for notifications and where they are sent.

canvas-notifications If you want to add a cell phone, you would go to the settings option that is located on the right hand side. You will click “add contact method” and that is how you can receive text message alerts from Canvas.


Second, your Salem State email is extremely important. This is where professors will be contacting you, updates about the university will be sent here. Also there is an email that is sent out that outlines events that are occurring during the week. The subject of this email is “What’s New and What to Do @ SSU!” Within this email you receive events that are going on around campus and even local events that are occurring in the community.



Third, I remind you to routinely check your student email and your Canvas account to keep yourself up to date. These tools are very useful to help you reach success here during your journey as a Viking student!


If you have any questions/concerns that arise, don’t hesitate to come down to the First Year Experience Office that is located in Meier Hall 100A.

– FYM Mikaela


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