Easy Exercise Methods for When Working Out is not Working Out


Salem State is all about academic success and exercising your brain. However, it is also important to exercise physically. We all marvel at the people who constantly go to the gym, but dedicating time for the gym is not for everyone. Some people just do not prefer the gym and some people do not have enough time to fit in an extensive workout. So how can you exercise without feeling like you have to exercise? Here are 3 easy ways to exercise without even realizing it!

#1: Hiking

If you are a big nature freak like me, hiking is a great way to move your muscles. This activity allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of life’s demands and emerge into the world of Mother Nature. When it is cold outside, bring a refreshing coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up. Hiking in the winter is great, because you get to admire the snowy landscape and you don’t have to worry about sweating in heat! Salem State offers a beautiful nature walk on South Campus (where the Harrington building and the Bates apartments are located) called Forest River Conservation Area. If you are off campus in a different town, I’m sure there are other nature trails around. Just remember to always travel in groups!

Forest River Conservation Area

#2: Walking

Walking is another simple method of exercise. And guess what? During the school week, you do A LOT of walking. Whether it is walking from your dorm room on central campus to classes on north campus or traveling from Peabody or Bowditch Hall to Marsh Dining on the weekends, this campus definitely has you up and moving. If you want to take walking a step further, you can use the stairs once you’re in the dorm rooms and/or academic buildings. For those of you who have classes on the fourth or fifth floor in Meier Hall, your exercise routine is already cut out for you. Walking and taking the stairs is a simple action that you can do every day that helps keep you healthy!


#3: Other Activities

There are other fun ways to exercise, such as dancing or playing sports. Whether it is on an actual team or just for fun in your free time, these activities allow you to hangout with friends, but also stay active! Salem State also offers several fun programs for zumba, yoga, boxing and much more.


There are many fun and simple ways to exercise without having to commit to a tight schedule or going to the gym, so find the one that fits for you!




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