Taking the “W” – Withdrawing After Add/Drop

Hey First Years!

So you need to drop your class. It happens to the best of us. You’re just not doing well enough or you are falling too far behind, you are struggling with the content, you and your professor are having trouble establishing a relationship, you’ve overcommitted yourself – whatever the reason, know it is ok! It’s important to work at your own pace and make the most out of your education. Chances are you know someone who has taken a “W.”  When dropping a course after the add/drop period, it is important to consider the consequences:


  1. The Dreaded “W – when you drop a course after the add/drop period ends, that course WILL still appear on your transcript. For a grade, the letter “W” will appear, to show that you have withdrawn from the course. You receive no credits, and this does not affect your GPA.
  2. Will I be able to graduate? – a “W” on your transcript will not prevent you from graduating. However, if you do not complete a course that fulfills the requirements you were fulfilling before you took the “W,” you won’t be able to graduate. Make sure when you withdraw from a course that you have a new plan of action to complete your graduation requirements. You should have a new course picked out for a future semester that will replace the one you withdrew from.
  3. What will grad schools think? – A lot of people are going to grad school these days! A master’s degree is the next step for many on the way to their dream career. Grad schools will see your complete transcript when you apply. Know they may ask you why you withdrew from the course. Be careful with your words, and know that a “W” looks much better to a grad school than an “F.”

I hope this information eased your academic fears on withdrawing from courses! If you have any further questions about withdrawing from courses, feel free to stop by First Year Experience in MH 100A, give us a call at 978-542- 2618, or send us a message on Facebook!

Having trouble accepting that it’s almost February,
FYM Kelly


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